What is Y'ello Star?

Y'ello Star is a musical platform created by Liberia’s leading Telecommunications and data services provider, Lonestar Cell MTN to search for, discover, nurture, expose and launch music talents in young Liberians.

At Lonestar Cell MTN, we believe every hidden star and talent deserves a chance to shine bright. We appreciate the fact that there are huge musical talents hidden in every part of the country, and most times, these talents are, at best, under-developed or out rightly allowed to die because they are not being harnessed. The challenge, we have discovered, is that these talents are not given the opportunity to showcase themselves. This is partly due to the fact that many producers lack the wherewithal/resources to go into the nooks and crannies of the country in search of these talents. This is the prime offering of this show – to go in search of these talents that are hitherto, lying wasted or under-utilized.

When these talents are discovered, they are assembled at a location where their skills and talents are horned through masterclasses, guidance, mentoring and practical sessions by renowned teachers, artists who have distinguished themselves in the industry.

Through the contest, the winner, will receive prizes that will assist them in their musical aspirations.

Submission Guidelines

  • The Competition will have 4 Stages from Auditions to Final
  • Participants must be between the ages 16 and 35
  • One Entry per participant will be accepted
  • Video must be 1 min 30 secs long
  • Video size must be up to a maximun of 200mb
  • Introduction of participants must be recorded before proceeding with performance
  • All Video recordings must be live recordings of any cover of your choice (No original songs, No Studio Recordings, No Lip Synching)
  • Ensure you have enough lighting when recording
  • Ensure your surrounding is free of noise while doing the recording; submissions with low audio quality will not be accepted